Consulting Services - Where do we start?

Heard all about the Cloud?  Your friends are talking about it? Need to to know where to start?


Cloud Computing AsiaCloud Solutions can help. We have assisted many small and mid-sized businesses around Asia start on the successful path to cloud computing.


Experience is hard to replace. Partnering with the leaders in Cloud computing application delivery (SaaS), Google. Microsoft and Zoho,  allows Cloud Solutions to keep well informed on what the market is doing and how best to apply the technology to your business. Do we run our business in the Cloud? Of course. 100%.


We can work with you to create a plan on which applications can be adopted and design a migration strategy that will work for you. Our Consulting engineers will work closely with your team to either guide them as a project leader or to perform all the work themselves on your behalf.


Security. We will do our best to provide as  much information as required to allow you to better understand the Cloud security model. We are confidient the security offered by the leading Cloud application providers are many times better than what most businesses have today.

Private or Public Cloud?


We will help you appreciate the different choices and when it is appropriate to consider Private Cloud over Public Cloud. We offer both services.


What Applications can run in the Cloud?

We have customers now operating 100% in the Cloud. This includes telephone systems, emails, and even their Windows desktops are hosted in the Cloud.


Cloud Computing is all we do. Talk to us for help.

Public Cloud

Office 365

Google Apps

Cloud Storage

Zoho Apps

Vistor Management 


Private CloudRackspace Private Cloud