Zoho CRM for Asia (按需客户关系管理)

Zoho CRM is a CRM Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for Client Relationship Management. This means it is Cloud hosted and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Zoho CRM is now very popular in Asia because of the pricing model and support for Chinese.  Cloud Solutions has over 15 years experience implementing CRM solutions. Providing Zoho CRM consultancy services to businesses located in Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and USA.  Google Apps for Work customers enjoy additional levels of integration when working with Zoho CRM and as a Google Apps Reseller we are in a unique position to help.


Zoho CRM empowers organisations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution in a single business system. Below is a generic introduction to what CRM is about.

Zoho CRM Features


Zoho CRMOut of the box Salesforece Automation including campaign management, lead generation, pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, sales quotas, help desk, customer support, in addition to opportunity management, quotation preparation, order management and invoicing.

Zoho CRM meets the requirements of those businesses operating as B2B as well as B2C. Financial services companies running B2C can use the "Household" approach to manage a B2C business. This is important as the supply side or Vendor side of the business is B2B. Zoho CRM caters for this mixed business model.


Support for multi-currency and Chinese language helps Asian based businesses reach out to all branches and team members. Zoho CRM works perfectly in China. Sharing data with a China based team, including email, works. Integration of Google Apps to Zoho Mail provides for trouble free travel to China.


To support your overall business processes custom applications can be created with Zoho Creator. For example. a Trader could share data with China based factories to better help manage order processing and product inspections. Zoho CRM can automatically create records in other applications, e.g. an Order can automatically schedule an inspection notice in an Inspection Management database for China based staff.

Zoho CRM Custom Modules


Zoho CRM allows users to further customise their CRM solution by adding additional modules. For example, a Time Sheet or Time Recorcing module may be required if your business is a service focused organisation that needs to bill for your time. Other modules may include Subscription renewal management. If your business publishes magazines you may wish to manage the annual subscription renewal dates in a customised Subscriptions module in Zoho CRM.


Workflow Automation

Zoho CRM supports a number of automation tasks. These can include simple tasks like sending a biirthday wishes email to your cusotmer on their birthday or a reminder their annual subscription is due for renewal in 30 days. This can also be used internally to help manage project targets and deadlines. Reminders can be send to staff reminding them to perform certain tasks by defined deadline dates. Zoho Survey can also be integrated to automate market research or customer feedback surveys.


Zoho Range of products include: Zoho Books, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho Docs, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Mail, Zoho Meeting, Zoho People, Zoho Projects, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Reports, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, Zoho Sites, Zoho Support, Zoho Wiki, Zoho Surveys


Cloud Accounting Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM Integration to Xero, KashFlow and Quickbooks Online

Zoho CRM integration to Cloud Accounting Systems such as Xero, KashFlow, and Quickbooks Online. Manage your sales processes in Zoho CRM and then allow Invoices and Purchase Orders to flow into the Cloud accounting system via connectors. Allow Invoice Status to be updated automatically in the CRM when the accountant receipts the money to settle the invoice. Keep Customer name and address information in sync. Cloud Solutions can provide services to integrate select Cloud Accounting systems to Zoho CRM. MYOB can be converted to the modern Cloud apps.

CRM Consultancy Services

Zoho CRM Hong Kong Advanced Partner

Zoho CRM Hong Kong Advanced Partner


Our customers fall into two camps. Those businesses that wish to adopt Zoho CRM however do not know where or how to start. The second is businesses that start to use Zoho CRM without any guidance and simply fail to reach their full potential and objectives because they lacked the knowledge to get the initial design and data flow right. This client reaches out to us about 12-18 months after they start using Zoho CRM.


Whatever camp you fall into, we can help. Of course our recommendation would be to get it right on day one otherwise you risk project failure or increasing the workload for your users.

  • Screen layout and design

  • Data flow

  • Lead capture, Web page form

  • Data importing

  • Document customisation

  • Security, Profiles and Roles

  • Custom Modules

  • Custom Functions

  • Workflow, Alerts, Automation

  • Approval Processes

  • Zoho Creator integration

  • Zoho Campaigns integration

  • Zoho Survey integration

  • Support Work tickets

  • Google Apps integration








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