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Migration of the “old” business value into a new context. Most businesses have, at their core, a great business idea, but it’s the tools of the trade – email, word processing, tasks lists etc. – that fail to keep their ideas relevant and their business competitive. We move your business structure to the web: gone are the days of a dozen redundant applications, and present are the days of cloud-based solutions – no servers, no back ups, no missing files, no multiple copies – just your business running the way it should.

Chart Comparison of SaaS (Software as a Service) Versus Packaged Enterprise Software

Software as a Service Packaged Software
Service-based   Product-based
Rapidly deployed   Lengthy delivery, set-up, installation, and testing
Multi-tenant architecture capable of supporting thousands of concurrent customers on a single instance   Closed architecture with boundaries that are tied to your hardware
Delivery over a standard Internet browser   Physically installed on your servers behind the firewall
Remotely delivered, managed, and updated   Managed and updated by your staff
No investment required in hardware, additional software, implementation, or added IT staff   Requires investment in hardware, additional software, and IT management expertise
Pay as you go   Large upfront investment
Frequent upgrades, more up to date solution   Less frequent upgrades that are also more challenging

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