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Cloud Solutions is the first major IT professional services vendor to bring Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 to the market along with integrated Cloud solutions. Cloud Solutions offers cloud computing from a well-established technical services and solutions organisation. This allows our clients to leverage years of experience in incorporating new applications into existing IT infrastructures and ensure unrestricted movement between a Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook, GroupWise and Lotus Notes and Google Apps environments.

In a nutshell, we specialise in providing professional services including Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 setup, provisioning, data migration, remote service administration, help desk support, and much more.

Domain Level Setup:

  •  Setup and configure your domain name to work with Google Apps for Business

  •  Setup and customise Google Apps login page with your company logo, colours, taglines and content to showcase your brand

  •  Customise URL’s to help you access your emails, and calendar

  •  Configure Gtalk, Gmail, Calendar sharing and Contact sharing

  •  Setup and activation of Positini Anti-Spam and Archiving / Restoration facility

  •  Dual Email Delivery setup during the pilot or the MX server migration period

  •  Invoice for Google licenses for Software-as-a-Service and manage your account

  •  Firewall configuration

  • User Level setup:

  •  User creation, defining emailing rights

  •  User mapping created for alias accounts

  •  Creation of user rights for text / video chat and Postini rights

  •  Provision mailing lists from an LDAP source, and populate those lists with appropriate emails/members

  •  Single Sign On to provide users with a single point of access to your existing corporate desktop and Google Apps collaboration tools.

  •  End users client defined and Outlook Sync implemented if preferred

  •  Resources defined in Calendars and sharing group calendars

  •  Off-line mode configured for Web client if required

  •  Enabling multiple inbox configuration

  •  Mobile phone configuration, including iPhone, for multi Google accounts

  •  Google Apps usability training



What Our Clients are Saying

  • Nice work

    by Jing Qian
    March 23, 2012

    It is nice working with Cloud Solutions. They do me a great favor when we decided to use Google Apps (for Business) as our company mail system. People from Cloud Solutions are professional and willing to help. Always reply with helpful advice and provide strong support!

    Districom GroupStrong support and smooth migration to Google Apps from an unusual setup

    by Thomas Welle
    February 23, 2012

    Cloud Solutions was selected by our company when we decided to migrate our proprietary POP setup to Google Apps for Business. 

    With many unforeseeable problems at hand, we managed to migrate very smoothly even though we faced some issues, but the friendly guys from Cloud Solutions stood by our side almost 24/7 to support us in every way. 

    All in all we were able to migrate 10 GB of emails from several locally stored accounts all over the world, over the weekend, which assured a flawless continuance of business on Monday morning, thanks to Cloud Solutions. 

    In a matter of fact they were the only ones being honest about possible unforeseeable problems and very fair in their pricing and we are very happy to have them by our side from now on. 

    Painless Exchange Migration to Google Apps

    by Admin TRM
    July 30, 2010

    Cloud Solutions was selected to assist our company migrate our Exchange 2003 to Google Apps. Two of Cloud Solution's senior people worked with us to plan and perform the work. Tools from Google were used on the server side to minimise the interruption to our staff during the migration period. Our message store took around 10 days to upload to Google. At that point we integrated Google's OutlookSync application and this allowed our staff to continue to work with Outlook as their preferred client. While there was a couple of hiccups on the first day the Cloud Solution engineer resolved the issues and from that point we have had no trouble at all. Management are very happy as our email system is now rock solid with the Google back end and the staff are happy they can continue to work with their familiar applications. Overall we were very happy with the technical, training and consultancy advice provided by Cloud Solutions and we see opportunity to continue to work with this company.

    Our implementation service fees are based on time and your complete scope-of-work. Each customer's set up and requirements will differ so please contacts us for a quotation. A dedicated engineering and project management team will be put in place.